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Our experienced, compassionate speech pathologists offer Speech Treatment to individuals of all ages in Florida, who want help speaking their heads


Speech and language therapists in Palm Bay, Fl. are trained to assist you, or your loved ones overcome language and speech barriers and gain confidence.

Speech treatment for children and teens is a handy and effective treatment alternative for frequent language disorders in children, teenagers, and young adults. Speech and language therapist in Palm Bay, Fl. offers professional therapy and assistance for young kids, teenagers, and adults who suffer from communication. Routine therapeutic intervention can enhance communication, in addition, to positively affect both academic and social behaviors. Palm Bay kids therapy solutions, we generally help kids as young as 5.5 years of age.


  • Difficulty making certain sounds (e.g., states “tat” for “kitty” or “wain” for “rain”)
  • Trouble knowing what is stated or difficulty expressing desires or desires
  • Trouble interacting with peers
  • Stuttering or lisping
  • The issue being known by other people


In My Speech Therapy, we use technology to make elegant solutions that will enhance your family's accessibility to top-notch care. We're here, and we're listening. We cannot wait to hear what you and your kids have to say.



Our speech and language therapist in Palm Bay, FL, find kids from 12 weeks to 18 years who suffer from:

  • Language development (comprehension and talking)
  • Speech growth (articulation, stuttering, dyspraxia)
  • Linking and about other people
  • Auditory processing
  • Literacy (reading and writing)
  • Voice (quality, loudness, and comprehension of voice usage)
  • Social communicating (e.g., greetings, making friends, social interactions)
  • Swallowing/eating or drinking (e.g., Fussy eaters, limited food options, difficulty swallowing)

Our Speech and Language Therapists are proficient in knowing how sensory integration issues, Autism Spectrum Disorder, stress, lack of social assurance, ADHD/ADD, visual processing problems, family background, personality, and hearing issues may affect communication.

Get started now and start your distinctive program to boost your communication objectives.



Novel in to see among the friendly Speech Therapists. Speech Therapists would be the best individuals to rate your child’s swallowing or communication. They’ll have the ability to spot any issues and help arrange therapy sessions to fit your child’s requirements. It would help if you found a Speech Therapist the moment you have some problems; the sooner you begin treatment, the greater the results.


Our speech therapy Palm Bay, Fl utilizes a vast assortment of personally tailored treatment techniques such as the Floortime version. Floortime is a treatment approach that concentrates on linking children to activities they like and builds upon their strengths through engaging and warm exchanges. These trades promote communication, link, and emotion. They challenge kids to become creative, spontaneous and push the bounds to explore further and understand their world, thereby strengthening emotional and cognitive growth.                       

The purpose of speech treatment is to treat and heal a stutter. It falls under the broad umbrella of language pathology. But, Palm Bay speech-language therapy isn’t just directed at educating a kid to talk correctly but to correct several speech defects and adjust a child’s pattern of speech. Before treatment, a therapist must identify whether a child’s speech flaw is a result of external causes such as injuries or if it’s a natural flaw.

No matter the origin, a speech and language therapist should first and foremost ascertain the flaw’s severity. Virtually speaking, the flaw’s seriousness directly impacts the gravity of therapy left, i.e., there’s a direct correlation. Treatment is generally mild for something relatively simple as a stutter and can be much more intensive for much more severe speech issues.

Even though the field requires time to master, you will find experts aside from pathologists or therapists to get language and speech (SLP) trained in language therapy. A layperson can administer the appropriate therapy so long as there is good advice in an SLP. It could affect treatment efficiently and quickly so long as the person abides by the exercises and lessons drafted by an SLP for the kid in question.

According to this rationale, a kid’s parents are in a fantastic place to administer speech treatment for kids with SLP’s advice. However, parents need to get educated on the commonly identified speech defects before establishing the right therapy.

There are three primary speech defects in children: articulation flaws, voice/resonance disorders, and fluency disorders. Some of these secondary physical attributes for language (like the lips, cheeks, chin, teeth, tongue) clarify the first. In contrast, flaws of those vocal cords and comparable areas of the body, i.e., main physical speech attributes, describe the second. Stuttering is a good illustration of a fluency disorder, which isn’t because of material defects of secondary or primary language attributes.


  • Successful: Great progress over a shorter period
  • Safe: Therapy delivered within a safe, secure fashion that satisfies HIPAA regulations
  • Professional: Endorsed by (ASHA) American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • Efficient: Remove travel time, freedom issues, and weather-related disruptions


All of the Palm Bay speech-language therapy trainers are accredited by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Furthermore, speech and language therapists in Palm Bay, Fl. are educated, an advanced tool that provides excellent, highly specific/targeted treatment. They’re qualified to evaluate and ascertain appropriate and operational goals that help ensure our customers’ requirements are being fulfilled. My Speech Therapy Florida supervisors have established their very own examination and rigorous training for speech and language therapists and randomly track sessions for good technique and processes.