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Our experienced, compassionate speech pathologists offer Speech Treatment to individuals of all ages in Florida, who want help speaking their heads


Speech treatment for adults may encourage a broad assortment of communication and swallowing problems. Our regional Speech Centres around Ireland can offer home visits and services to nursing homes to ensure the greatest standards and HIQA compliance.


Whenever you make an appointment with a Speech and Language Therapist, either at the clinic or your home, quite a few things may occur.

For communication issues, you’ll be asked about the nature of your problems, their effects on you personally, and their source. The Speech and Language Therapist will then examine different facets of terminology by asking questions and showing you images. After they’ve evaluated all of the relevant elements of speech, they will then formulate a diagnosis and treatment program.

Speech treatment for adults concentrates on the person’s needs. For swallowing issues, you’ll be asked about your health history and diet and also the particulars of the problem. The Speech and Language Therapist will then analyze your reflexes and the muscles of your neck and mouth. They’ll then examine various food consistencies and methods together with you to ascertain the safest way for you to consume. They can recommend changes to your food or beverage textures, how you sit or maintain your mind, or provide you exercises to perform.


In My Speech Therapy, we use technology to make elegant solutions that will enhance your family's accessibility to top-notch care. We're here, and we're listening. We cannot wait to hear what you and your kids have to say.



Complete assessment and intervention for communication disorders

(Language intelligibility, expressive and receptive language, more excellent language works)

Communication changes are a part of the natural aging process, especially in light of their growing medical needs and illnesses related to aging. While language clarity might be impacted by natural muscle strain, certain medical conditions often have a massive effect on language clarity and speech processing (understanding what’s stated and expressing a more coherent answer).

Difficulties can vary from not getting the appropriate word when you are talking to getting no language or comprehension in any way. Parkinson’s disease, MND, stroke, head trauma, dementia, MS, and cancers are only a few of the ailments our Speech and Language Therapists can help manage.

Get started now and start your distinctive program to boost your communication objectives.



Complete assessment and management of swallowing and feeding disorders (dysphagia)

In-house training and information sessions for household, nursing, and care team.

House or nursing home visits, and recommendations on care employees

We’re all comfortable with the consequence of muscle strain on muscle tasks like dressing and walking; this ordinary degeneration also impacts absorb security, to the extent to which could compromise an individual’s health and well-being. Typical signs of difficulty swallowing (dysphagia) contain;

  • Coughing when drinking or eating
  • A feeling of food getting stuck
  • Sneezing or eye-watering
  • Wet or gurgly voice
  • Recurrent Chest Infections

Clear links exist between aspiration (food and beverage “moving down the incorrect way”) and medical sequelae like dehydration, malnutrition, respiratory tract infections, pneumonia, and premature departure. In The Speech Centre, our objective is apparent; to assist our clients in maintaining safe oral nutrition to the maximum of their ability through diet modification, compensatory plans, postural alterations, and rehab exercises.


My Speech Therapy therapists concentrate on remediating communication disorders utilizing interactive and individualized healing activities through online speech treatment for adults. A number of our customers receive treatment with over one speech therapist! This team approach enables us to match abilities and skills from various speech therapists together with our customers’ identification and requirements.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association accredits all My Speech Therapy Florida therapists. Furthermore, My Speech Therapy Trainers are educated in telepractice, an advanced tool that provides excellent, highly specific/targeted treatment. They’re capable of assessing and ascertain proper and operational goals that help guarantee our customers’ requirements are being fulfilled. My Speech Therapy managers have created their review and rigorous training for My Speech Therapy therapists and purposefully track sessions for reasonable procedures and techniques.

The exceptional capability to give our customers speech therapy in the home, job, or if they’re on the street allows My Speech Treatment to utilize your program. Our team is prepared to work together with you any place on earth.


The Speech Centre offers home visits to nursing home residents.

The Speech Centre offers home visits to nursing home residents. We provide all equipment for in-house communicating or swallow examinations, with comprehensive recommendations designed to care for employees following an appraisal. This is of particular benefit to people with mobility difficulties, or in which an individual’s everyday environment affects their consumption or communication. Individuals with dementia are particularly in danger of ingesting or swallowing problems, which may harm their health and total well-being.