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Our experienced, compassionate speech pathologists offer Speech Treatment to individuals of all ages in Florida, who want help speaking their heads


is a group of committed speech-language pathologists (commonly called S-LPs or speech therapists) and speech-language pathology assistants (S-LPAs) who offer assessment and treatment services to adults and children with communication disorders. Our S-LPS, S-LPAs, and service staff are committed to providing the maximum caliber of support to our customers and their families.

We know that navigating speech therapy could be daunting; therefore, our customer services team is ready to help you every step of the way. We’re also available to host round table talks every couple of weeks to answer questions for parents that their kid needs (or might demand) speech therapy services.

We’re a small group of parents, speech therapists, and engineers. We’ve assisted over 55,000 children attain their full potential in address. We believe that each kid has a voice and must notice that voice.

We want every kid to get in and from language therapy quickly so that they could return to being a child! We began as a medical device firm, driven by the urge to invent technology alternatives in a field that traditionally has had none whatsoever. As our first Solution, My Speech Therapy Tools, became famous around the globe, we had the chance to speak with tens of thousands of parents and speech-language pathologists to find out about the challenges which were essential to them


In My Speech Therapy, we use technology to make elegant solutions that will enhance your family's accessibility to top-notch care. We're here, and we're listening. We cannot wait to hear what you and your kids have to say.



Our therapists maintain a Master’s Degree (or higher) in Speech-Language Pathology along with a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).                         

If you work together with My Speech Therapy, we will leverage our customized fitting procedure to set you with the therapist who’s best qualified to satisfy your precise requirements. We’ve got more than 50 therapists on our staff, and all of them possess a unique specialization. It enables us to ensure that you’re paired with a therapist who’s highly trained along with your particular communication requirements. Your therapist may use cutting-edge knowledge in your program.

Let's Get Started - Complimentary Consultation

Get the committed service you want to conquer your speech limits, obstacles, or impairments. As your seasoned speech pathologist, My Speech Therapy Florida provides complete assistance and support for people struggling with language disorders. With inpatient treatment, home treatment, or digital speech treatment, we make it simple for you to receive the attention that you want.

If you, a parent, or your kid is trying hard to get the appropriate words or correctly form words, has difficulties with speech understanding, finds it hard to control the pitch or quantity of language, stutters, has memory or concentration problems, or problems with correctly swallowing, we can assist. Reach out to a few of our committed speech-language pathologists for testing, evaluation, diagnosis, and also the personalized treatment you deserve.